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VocalEase… Connect and Release

Voice improv classes for every body

Improvisation:  “…the practice of acting, singing, talking and reacting, of making and creating, in the moment and in response to the stimulus of one’s immediate environment and inner feelings…” -Wikipedia

 In these fun and energizing classes Joanna works with free voice exploration and theatre games she has learned through years of vocal exploration in jazz, folk and worldbeat music. She incorporates vocal improvisation techniques, creative visualizations, yoga and creative movement that deepens the experience by inviting the body’s wisdom to integrate sound with motion.

Joanna offers several styles and levels of vocal exploration, including adults with no vocal experience, youth workshops specifically geared towards education and ecological awareness, and to all ages and all levels of singers. In some workshops Joanna incorporates experimental instrumentation with the use of recycled junk; and in others she takes participants into the forest to create instruments from objects found in Nature. Her Vocal-Eco classes are popular in schools and summer camps and her Salmon Project is helping to raise awareness of the need to protect wild pacific salmon.

Joanna’s unique, creative and soul-stirring classes are available for public and private community groups such as schools, business conventions, support groups and health organizations. Healing, honouring and celebration are the cornerstones of Joanna’s VocalEase classes and workshops.

Skills taught:

Rhythm patterns, Vocal Sounds, Harmonizing

Group singing/ holding a part, community cooperation

Listening, Dynamics and pitch

Beatbox and rap; Free form poetry


~Private workshops are available upon request~

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