Danny and Joanna- “Songs We Made Up”

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Danny Zanbilowicz and I have been enjoying each others music for around 18 years, sharing a love for words and interesting melodies and the blending of our voices and instruments. Danny is often compared to Leonard Cohen for the timbre of his voice and the intelligence of his eloquence. I am told my voice is ‘beautiful’.  As two Canadians with very different backgrounds, we have lots to work with; with me being an ‘everything organic’  middle aged, divorced, bike riding, nature-loving actress/teacher, youngest sibling in a messed up middle class anglican family from Victoria, and Danny being a happily married middle aged playwright, newspaper publisher, elastic band snapping, organ meat eating, youngest sibling in a Romanian Jewish family from Montreal, we have found humour and poetry our common bond.

We have two concerts coming up as part of our ‘grinding  organ’ fall tour, showcasing songs we made up. We  both enjoy a somewhat sardonic sense of humour, and while many of our songs are inspired by romance, we like to make light of the human condition, thus the ‘grinding organ tour’, or ‘songs from the pumping heart’.




November 29 Doors 7:30 Cumberland House Concert (refreshments included) $15.00 tickets can be obtained by calling 250 218-1689 or through the artists.
December 17 Kameleon Cafe, Quadra Island Doors 7:00 Suggested donation $15.00 (licensed)




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