Sacred Sounds Vocal Intensive in Nanaimo

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Sacred Sounds Vocal Intensive in Nanaimo

 Sunday, November 23, 11:00-2:00

Sing to free your soul!

(Poster date is not correct- excuse any confusion this might cause)

Sacred sounds nanimoFeel the connection between breath, sound, and mysticism in this 3 hour intensive. Create spontaneous improvised chants in a supportive circle of singers and witness transformation and bliss!
“Yoga for the voice” -Vicky Catchpole

In response to the positive feedback from our October workshop, Love Box studio has invited me back for more sacred singing. Celebrate your hearts’ intention through spontaneous, improvised songs in the company of vocal explorers.

The Programme:

We will gather at Laura Jesson Love’s Nanaimo Yoga studio and create an inviting space for vocal exploration. All voices are welcome; this inclusive approach to singing begins with the breath and gently enters into explorations of sacred sound, from primal to harmonic chanting.

-Gregorian Chants…experience the perfect chord
-Gospel Soul…get moving and feel the spirit of joy!
-Primitive-Raw-Indiginous…fully release your authentic, wild voice, and co-create earthy, intentional chants
“Joanna’s gift is her voice. She teaches from the heart and inspires openness in others. It’s a beautiful release.” Michael Mascal

When and Where:

Sunday November 23 1-4 PM
Nanaimo at Tyler and Laura Jesson Love’s Yoga Studio
489 Hamilton Avenue.


All welcome. Pre-register for 25.00 or pay 30.00 on the day.
Register with Laura at 250 327-5382
or with Joanna at 250 792-3717

Pay with Paypal direct from here or by cheque:
VocalEase Box 206
Cumberland BC

Invite Joanna Finch to present in your community. Complete listing of all VocalEase workshops are at

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From the Amazon to The Sea- Ancestral Voices Workshop

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From the Amazon to The Sea- Ancestral Voices Workshop
From the Amazon to the Sea- Ancestral Voices

From the Amazon to the Sea- Ancestral Voices

Jungle Beat to Tropical Sea- A Vocal Workshop with Joanna Finch


Freshly back in the Valley from an inspiring musical journey in Antigua WI and Ecuador, Joanna Finch is presenting a vocal workshop on Sunday May 5 from 3:00-6:00 at the Abbey in Cumberland for actors, singers and anyone who has a voice!
“Ancestral Voices/Switch! is a new version of a game I’ve been presenting for years. I’ve been working on my ‘voices’ while performing with Reggae bands in Antigua and as the soundtrack/sound effects composer for the professional puppet theatre with Peruvian puppet master, Magico Herrera. The birdsongs and dialects of the Kichwan in the Amazon and the rhythms of the Cuban Jazz Funk band I performed with in Cuenca all have added to my repertoire of sounds. Everyone loves this game of world voice exploration- it’s like a vocal safari.”
This three hour experience in VocalEase games and music-making will be fun and leave you feeling refreshed and with new tools for communicating an an authentic way. The group sings in a circle incorporating sound patterns that Joanna lays out, and with partners, using movement and body music to lock the rhythms in. Improvisational singing releases tension and helps to improve mental clarity with the body/vocal integration. It is both easy and challenging, as singing is a natural human sound and even those who think they can’t (or shouldn’t) sing can do this successfully.
Joanna has been teaching vocal improv in Canada, Antigua and Ecuador for almost a decade to school children, private groups and in public performances, offering warm encouragement and a safe and creative environment. You can see recent samples of Vocal improv in Ecuador at

Go to VocalEase at Facebook for more info about this and other workshops. Please call Joanna at 250 792-3717 or email to register. Pre-registration is required. Cost is $25.00. All ages welcome!

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Workshops: VocalEase

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Workshops: VocalEase

Love Is the Answer


VocalEase… Connect and Release

Voice improv classes for every body

Improvisation:  “…the practice of acting, singing, talking and reacting, of making and creating, in the moment and in response to the stimulus of one’s immediate environment and inner feelings…” -Wikipedia

 In these fun and energizing classes Joanna works with free voice exploration and theatre games she has learned through years of vocal exploration in jazz, folk and worldbeat music. She incorporates vocal improvisation techniques, creative visualizations, yoga and creative movement that deepens the experience by inviting the body’s wisdom to integrate sound with motion.

Joanna offers several styles and levels of vocal exploration, including adults with no vocal experience, youth workshops specifically geared towards education and ecological awareness, and to all ages and all levels of singers. In some workshops Joanna incorporates experimental instrumentation with the use of recycled junk; and in others she takes participants into the forest to create instruments from objects found in Nature. Her Vocal-Eco classes are popular in schools and summer camps and her Salmon Project is helping to raise awareness of the need to protect wild pacific salmon.

Joanna’s unique, creative and soul-stirring classes are available for public and private community groups such as schools, business conventions, support groups and health organizations. Healing, honouring and celebration are the cornerstones of Joanna’s VocalEase classes and workshops.

Skills taught:

Rhythm patterns, Vocal Sounds, Harmonizing

Group singing/ holding a part, community cooperation

Listening, Dynamics and pitch

Beatbox and rap; Free form poetry


~Private workshops are available upon request~

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VocalEase around the world

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VocalEase around the world

It feels great to be offering classes in Voice and Movement again. The multi-cultural experience of Antigua excites my ears- this environment is rich in sounds and communication forms.
As a travelling teacher/performer I feel blessed to have a universal language- music- to share with everyone I meet.

Classes in Antigua are held at Yoga Antigua in English Harbour at the Yacht Club Marina

Tuesday 3:30-5:00

Wednesday 10:00-11:30

Saturday 10:00-11:30 and 5:45-7:30

All classes are 35.00 EC- men and women welcome, until January 30. PRIVATE VOICE LESSONS AVAILABLE.

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