About the show at Joe’s Garage in Courtenay…

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Last night I had the pleasure of performing to an appreciative audience at Joe’s Garage in Courtenay. My trio consists of myself and two wonderful young musicians,  James Lambert, an exceptional jazz and blues guitarist, and  Tim Croft, an adept and well schooled bassist.

Tim played his stand up bass, inserting plucking, bowing and glissando technique that thrilled the flesh of one young lady especially, who admitted that when Tim’s fingers slid down the neck of his bass on a particularly choice moment in Cette Fleur, she erupted into goosebumps. As one who feels music’s vibrations to my core, I concur: if an audience experiences a visceral sense of the music, then the musicians have succeeded.

It is not ever about pleasing the masses for me. If one single person in a near empty room witnesses the authenticity of our art, and is physically transported, then the MUSE is present. Music, being an ethereal medium, cannot be held captive for long and once the sound has died away all that remains is a sense of the emotions evoked. There is powerful magic contained in sound; the merging of harmonic vibrations and the thrumming beat of the bass, the warbling of a voice well suited to the lyrical content, combine to create alchemy which goes far beyond the confines of a room.

I am pleased to note that the songs we shared this Valentines Day were chosen with the intent of shooting arrows heavenwards. I believe we did well as Cupid’s archers.

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